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Blister Packs / Clam Shells / Transit Trays

Daventry Thermoforming design and develop blister packs and clams shells for the DIY industry, offering outstanding protection for our client’s products.

Clam shells and blister packs are a thermoformed packaging that are shaped around the product, with the difference between the two being that blister packs have a cardboard backing instead of plastic backing like clam shells.

Our product packaging is cost effective, expertly designed and recyclable, and most importantly, customised to your exact needs.

We design clamshell packaging to not only be aesthetically pleasing for potential customers, but also to function well – protecting your stock from damage and potentially saving your business money.

As well as clam shells and blister pack, we also design and develop transit trays. These purpose designed packaging’s are used for protecting products in transit, providing easy handling of awkward components.

We have provided packaging for DIY businesses such as Wickes, B&Q and Homebase.

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